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A Dream of America

The American Dream… who hasn’t had it… who hasn’t reached for it…

As WWII dawns with America and the world bracing for the bloodiest conflict ever known, Fate arranges a chance meeting in Chicago between two young Finnish immigrants — an encounter that turns into a love of epic proportions as they struggle to make a better life for themselves in the Land of Opportunity.

He, Toivo, is a great artist, a painter many years ahead of his time — an old soul in a young man’s body; she, Kerttu, is a smart and courageous young woman with dreams of dancing on Broadway.

Now deeply in love, they have the American Dream within their grasp, when suddenly circumstances beyond their control thrust them into a war that changed the course of history — the Finnish-Russian Winter War of 1939-40.

Ever the pacifist, Toivo is forced to fight for the land he had scorned while confronting deep-seated, unresolved and conflicting emotions, while Kerttu is left behind to somehow endure the loneliness of New York while dancing in a burlesque house on Lower Broadway.

Until Fate once again intervenes.

Screenplay wins and nominations



Khalid - A Champion For All

When our young hero’s mother dies of cancer, he enters a martial arts tournament in Japan, hoping to win and thereby gain the acceptance of his American biological father who had abandoned him and his mother before he was born and whom he has never met. He wins the tournament—but learns too late that the victory brings with it life-long servitude to an international crime syndicate.

He escapes the syndicate’s clutches and heads to the U.S. with his championship belt to find his father, but gets stranded in Centerville — a small, end-of-the-road desert town owned by a cannabis-growing syndicate and ruled by an insane Chief of Police.

When the Chief learns of his celebrity status in the martial arts world from a mysterious young woman claiming to be a reporter from “Ultimate Fighter Magazine”, the Chief sees an opportunity to reverse his town’s dead-end existence and gives our hero an ultimatum — fight in a staged tournament in Centerville or go to prison on trumped-up charges.

When an escape from Centerville is made possible by a brave local, our hero faces the dilemma of saving himself or helping rid the town of the insane Chief. He decides to help the town and stays!

The Chief loses control of his tournament with the arrival of the international crime syndicate’s boss and martial artists from everywhere — all hell-bent on killing our hero and thereby becoming Champion.

The tournament becomes a fight-to-the-death, a fight with unexpected twists and turns — culminating in our hero winning the respect of the town and his father.

But, with a price still on his head, our hero has to move on — and his real adventure begins!

Screenplay wins and nominations



The Red Cloth

Norway, 996 A.D. Tells of Thorall, a young Norse shipbuilder with the heart of a lion and the soul of a poet who flees religious persecution with Lea, his loved one, and a group of followers. They head west, bypass Iceland and Greenland, and are shipwrecked at the northern tip of Newfoundland where they encounter native North Americans — and where Lea gives birth to the first European child on North American soil.

Screenplay wins and nominations



Walking Tall - Buford Returns

When he learns about his daughter Dwana’s suicide, legendary Tennessee lawman Buford Pusser returns and resumes his fight against crime — this time the opioid epidemic.



Six Days in America

Having been told that he is dying of pancreatic cancer, a young European man arrives in the US to experience America — and ends up seeing the real thing while on the road with a black gospel choir from Harlem, New York.



Fate, Two Kids And An E.T.

A youthful impetuous alien accidentally enters a black hole, landing in a Florida Everglades wildlife rescue run by a widower and his two young children — and setting off alarms at the Department of Defense.



Last Chance - Lonely Hearts Square

A world onto itself, Last Chance is an old-fashioned dance restaurant in Northern Europe frequented by people from all walks of life seeking the bliss and thrill of a carefree Now — which they will squeeze for all they can. No one is who they may seem to be — and patrons and staff can be who they are or anything they want to be. In short: Last Chance is everyone’s Heaven on Earth.