MagicQuest Entertainment

Since 1975, MagicQuest Entertainment is a Hollywood-based international motion picture and television company engaged in the development, production, and distribution of filmed entertainment.

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Don't Call Me Sir!

"Don't Call Me Sir!" tells the story of Jackson Pollock's niece, Brooklyn-born Rena "Rusty" Glickman, the only Jewish man or woman, to receive Japan's highest civilian honor, The Emperor's Order of The Rising Sun.

When twelve-year-old Rusty learned about the Holocaust, she decided THAT was not going to happen to her, that she would be better and stronger than THEM — that THEY were not going to win this time. The question was how?

Then she found judo — a sport she excelled at but from which women were excluded. So in 1959 and then a single mother, Rusty decided to compete in the New York State Judo Championships while disguised as a man.

She beat the reigning State champion and was on the podium receiving her gold medal — when THEY asked if she was a girl. When she acknowledged that she was, the organizers took back her medal. Rusty vowed THAT was not going to be the end of HER story…

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For Love and Country - A Dream of America

The American Dream… who hasn’t had it… who hasn’t reached for it…

As WWII dawns with America and the world bracing for the bloodiest conflict ever known, Fate arranges a chance meeting in Chicago between two young Finnish immigrants — an encounter that turns into a love of epic proportions as they struggle to make a better life for themselves in the Land of Opportunity.

He, Toivo, is a great artist, a painter many years ahead of his time — an old soul in a young man’s body; she, Kerttu, is a smart and courageous young woman with dreams of dancing on Broadway.

Now deeply in love, they have the American Dream within their grasp, when suddenly circumstances beyond their control thrust them into a war that changed the course of history — the Finnish-Russian Winter War of 1939-40.

Ever the pacifist, Toivo is forced to fight for the land he had scorned while confronting deep-seated, unresolved and conflicting emotions, while Kerttu is left behind to somehow endure the loneliness of New York while dancing in a burlesque house on Lower Broadway.

Until Fate once again intervenes.

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Jack, a young martial artist, competes in an MMA tournament in Japan in an effort to gain the acceptance of his biological father whom he has never met and who has denied his existence. Jack wins the tournament — but learns too late that the victory brings with it life-long servitude to the Yakuza (in Japanese, “Yakuzano”).

With his interest in gaining his father’s approval greater than the penthouse, money, girls and fancy cars that come with being the Yakuza’s Champion, Jack escapes the Yakuza and heads to the U.S. to show his father his championship trophy — but gets stranded and held by the insane Chief of Police of Centerville, an isolated, rural California mining town that time and excitement has passed by.

When the Chief learns of Jack’s stature in the world of MMA from a mysterious young woman claiming to be a reporter from Ultimate Fighter Magazine, the Chief sees an opportunity to change his town’s dead-end existence and gives Jack an ultimatum: fight in a staged tournament in Centerville — or go to prison on trumped-up charges.

When an escape from Centerville is made possible by a brave and helpful local, Jack faces the dilemma of saving himself or helping rid the town of the insane Chief.  He decides on the latter and stays.

The Chief’s control of his tournament goes out the window with the arrival of the Yakuza boss and martial artists from around the world — all of whom are hell-bent on being the Yakuza’s Champion and unseating Jack.

The tournament becomes a fight-to-the-death — a fight with unexpected twists and turns.

Screenplay wins and nominations